La Butte aux Cailles

Paris - Butte aux Cailles
Butte aux Cailles
This area is not touristy. It is rather unknown by the Parisians themselves. On the streets, you see only the inhabitants and the "happy few" who come here to taste the special charm of this district.

La Butte aux Cailles is a village within Paris (13° arrondissement). It is preserved because the underground is scattered by ancient quarries and it is impossible to build large constructions.

Metro : Corvisart or Place d'Italie

On the photograph : rue des Cinq-Diamants

Paris - Rue Buot
Rue Buot

Rue Buot

The photo shows a typical street of the district. It looks like Montmartre without the tourists and the tourist traps.

Church Antoiniste

A Belgian, named Louis Antoine, was inspired by God and created, in 1913, a new cult which is a mix of Christianity and Spiritism.

This church is the only example I know dedicated to Antoinism.

At the corner of Rue Vergniaux.

Paris - Church Antoiniste
Church Antoiniste

Paris - Place de l'Abbé Georges Henocque
Place de l'Abbé Georges Henocque

Place de l'Abbé Georges Henocque

Curious sharped roofs of the houses (built in 1912) of the streets near the Place.

A charming city

No. Paris is not a universe of concrete. There are also some charming areas like this one.

Paris - Cité
Cité Florale

Paris - Cite Florale
Cite Florale

Cité Florale (1)

Hidden near the Boulevard Périphérique (at the level of the "Poterne des Peupliers"), the Cité Florale is a complicated network of marvellous narrow streets and places.

Each house is decorated by flowers and all the streets have a name of flower.

It was built in 1928 to replace swamps used in Winter by Parisians as skating rinks. They supplied also ice which was stored underground to be used in Summer to refresch foods and beverages. The near rue and metro station "Glacière" are still present to remember that.

Cité Florale (2)

To go there look for the Place de Rungis (metro : Maison Blanche or Cité Universitaire).

The entry of the Cité is rue Savarin.

I also recommend a stroll and rest in the beautiful Parc Montsouris which is ten minutes away by foot.

Paris - Cite Florale
Cite Florale